State Representative Lee Hein


State Representative Lee Hein, Iowa House District 31

eMail–>Lee Hein’s home<–eMail

eMail–>State Representative Lee Hein<–eMail


  • Returning the state to a physical, fiscal sound position by keeping expenditures below revenue levels.
  • Decentralizing control of school funding.
  • Working to stop placing requirements on school districts without allocating the associated funding. [Unfunded mandates]
  • Developing favorable business environments to retain quality jobs in the state and stop the brain drain.


  • Grew up in the Monticello community
  • Graduate of Monticello high school
  • Married to wife Jackie for 26 years
  • Two children: Amy graduated from Iowa State and enrolled in law school at University of Iowa. Ben a junior at Iowa State.


  • Completed two years at Iowa State
  • Assumed responsibility of the family farm at age 25.
  • Served on the Monticello School Board for nine years [5 years as president]
  • President of the Jones County Pork Producers
  • President of the Iowa Farm Business Association


  • Pork Producers and Cattlemen’s Association
  • Cedar Valley Farm Business Association
  • St. Matthews Church
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