Recap of Week Ending May 13th

Iowa House of Representatives
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Lee Hein
Address: State Capitol, Des Moines, IA 50319
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IOWA … House Republican Newsletter

Once again it was a short week in Des Moines. We were there on Tuesday for an update on budget talks that continue with the Senate. Things do not seem to be moving a in the right direction for a settlement any time soon. We were told that last week the Senate over spent their own targets by passing bills that added S100 million to their budget.

We are about $250 million apart. As I said last week the House Republicans and the Governor agreed to keep the total budget under $6 billion. The Senate is currently at $6.25 billion. It is still our goal to spend less than we take in.

We did debate some bills late Tuesday afternoon. The most important one was HF 691.

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