Capitol Update: Week 10

Future Ready Iowa Act

Iowa’s current unemployment rate of 2.9% is at its lowest point in 17 years and continues to remain well below the national average.  More Iowans are working than ever before, which is great news.

Even with nearly full employment, Iowa employers still have 50,000 job openings.  Iowa has a skilled workforce shortage, and businesses are struggling to find workers with the necessary skills to fill high-paying careers.

The Future Ready Iowa Act takes a number of steps to increase and improve the skills of Iowa’s workforce beyond a high school degree. The goal of Future Ready Iowa is to ensure Iowans are trained for the jobs of today and tomorrow, with at least 70 percent of Iowa workers equipped with education or training beyond high school by 2025.

Future Ready Iowa will further increase collaboration between our K-12 schools, community colleges, local businesses, and skilled trade associations.

The Future Ready Iowa Act creates opportunities for Iowans of all ages and experiences through a number of programs and opportunities.  It does this through new job training and support programs, new financial assistance programs, and creates new education and career opportunities.

The Future Ready Iowa Act will improve the lives of Iowans by helping workers attain the skills they need for high-paying careers.  It will also help businesses grow and expand by ensuring they have the skilled workforce needed for a 21st century economy.

School Safety Measures Pass House

The issue of school safety has been in the news lately and Iowans have expressed concerns.  The House Majority is working to advance common sense school safety measures that ensure students are secure while in a learning environment.

Suicide prevention training

The House passed Senate File 2113 this week which requires all licensed school staff to go through annual suicide prevention and adverse childhood experience training.  This will help teachers and school administrators identify potential problems or signs that may lead to a student hurting themselves or others.

Active shooter plans

This week, the House Education Committee advanced Senate File 2364, which will require every Iowa school district to coordinate with local law enforcement to develop an active shooter plan.  While most schools already have a strategy in place, some schools lack this critical plan.  In addition, teachers will be required to go through active shooter training once a year.

This bill will protect Iowa students and school staff by ensuring that if an active shooter situation arises, schools are prepared.

News from District 96

Wednesday morning I toured the Des Moines Airport Control Tower.  It was very interesting to see the technology that is used in controlling aircraft around the Des Moines airspace.

Cattlemen Association members from across Iowa came to the Capitol on Thursday.  We had the chance to visit with them about issues important to the beef industry and Iowa agriculture.

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