Capitol Update Week 3

In the third week of this General Assembly, we really hit the ground running working on the Governor’s proposal bills. Our main focus this week was to pass through House Study Bill 594, which was about bio fuels. With HSB 594, every well-equipped gas station in the state would be required to offer so much E-15 gasoline, an efficient and more environmentally friendly fuel. New gas stations will be required to plan for and build with the capacity for E-15 gasoline. For companies without compatible equipment, there is a waiver option that allows them to not participate. The bill prioritizes funding for infrastructure for the gas retailers that cannot afford to upgrade their equipment. There is a budget for this already for other improvements to gas retailers, but this will increase this budget as needed. We have worked hard since last year to correct the language in the bill to fit everyone’s needs, and this year I am very happy with where we are at. The bill passed through the Ways and Means committee on Wednesday, and it should be ready to hit the house floor for debate. This bill has been in the works for a while, and I am glad to see it start its way through the process, even if we have to continue making adjustments to it. House Study Bill 594 will be great for our industries, our fuel companies, and Iowa agriculture. The availability of a new, more efficient and eco-friendly fuel option will be great for the state, and I am excited for to see this bill move forward.

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