Capitol Update Week 5

On Monday, we did not have session in the House, instead I attended caucuses. Very important step in the Democratic process that it is always my honor to be a part of. I met with the Jackson County Supervisors on Tuesday morning, and Tuesday afternoon the Ways and Means committee voted on HSB 626, the income tax bill. I managed this bill in committee, and it has been a lot of work to get this bill right. I really enjoy seeing it pass through committee. The bill is very similar to the Governor’s tax proposal (HSB 551) except that the House version does not include corporate tax cuts and instead focuses on individuals. Additionally, the House bill provides that the taxpayer trust fund will be used to partially pay for the tax cuts. The next step for this bill is a public hearing called for by the minority party. This will take place on Monday, February 14th at 5:00 pm in room Rm 103 at the Capitol. There will be a link to this meeting posted on the legislative website an hour before the meeting. We are very excited about the individual income tax cuts that come from this bill.

            Next week is the first funnel. By next Friday, a policy bill needs to be passed out of committee. If the bill doesn’t make it out of committee, it is no longer eligible for consideration by the rest of the session. Bills in Ways & Means and Appropriations are funnel proof and remain eligible for the entire session. Next week is always one of the busiest weeks of the session.

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